There Are No Chickens to Cross the Road…

There are no chickens to cross the road…
Due to disease running through the chicken and turkey farms, the cost of eggs, chicken and turkey is dramatically on the rise.   These figures as of June 6, 2015. The estimate is that the number will top 50 million for the chicken and turkeys being “depopulated.” Here is a time line for new production….in a perfect world!

What does the future hold? (in a perfect world):
Ø If a barn/farm got disinfected today –
Ø It will take a minimum of 8 weeks for the USDA or other agency to approve it for use and repopulation again –
Ø It will take about 20 weeks for the young chicken to lay an egg –
Ø It will take about 24 weeks for the young turkey to be at market weight –
Ø We are in week 24 of the calendar year –

Ø 8 + 20 = 28 weeks for layers = mid December 2015
Ø 8 + 24 = 32 weeks for turkeys = early January 2016

So what does this mean to us consumers? Prices up, less product. If you want a turkey for Thanksgiving, best to buy it now. There may not be any by then or the cost will be astronomical!

There Are No Chickens to Cross the Road…
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