The Sandwich Generation – Finances for Your Parents and Your Kids

This generation can be called the Sandwich Generation. This means being between raising kids and taking care of your parents. Sometimes the parents are elderly, sick, or you may have to deal with two sets of parents due to a divorce.

The Sandwich Generation Caring for Your ParentsDealing With Your Parents Finances

In a lot of cases, juggling has to be done as your parents do not have enough Social Security to live on. They may not have had a chance to retire because of their illness or disability. This is really hard on
families with kids and being married. It puts a strain on everything.

The parent has to move in the house to help save on expenses. As they are older, medicine has to be given at certain times and of course juggling your work schedule while taking them to doctors

The same goes if they live by themselves. This is more complicated with cleaning two houses, taking your parent to the grocery store with you to shop for two households and remembering to help pay
their bills as they cannot drive anymore.

It is also ok to use senior services to help with your parents. You should not feel guilty as you cannot do it all. If they have insurance, sometimes these services are covered. You still show you love and care for
them. You are on the phone, internet, and visiting them constantly. This does help relieve some stress on the family unit.

Finances for your parents and kids can be tough and extremely hard. The economy is still really rough and a lot of families are now living together because of this. Just learn to sit down and talk to each
other. Communication is key on budgeting and making sure things are paid for that is important!

If you would like to find out ways to help cover some of these expenses and keep your parents secure, give us a call today! 303-919-1020 cell

The Sandwich Generation – Finances for Your Parents and Your Kids
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