The Process

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What to expect when we work together: 

1st Meeting-Discovery

  • We ask questions and gather information.
  • You tell your story

2nd Meeting-Analyze  

  • We crunch the numbers, prepare solutions that meet your needs and educate you.
  • You decide if you want to move forward.

3rd + Meetings-Action

  • We empower you by reviewing the plan and helping transfer accounts.
  • You take control of your future.

Discovery Form -Tell Us About You

    About You

    Are you retired?

    About Your Assets

    Financial Statements

    If you would like to share recent investment or Social Security statements with Pat prior to your meeting, please upload them to this secure DropBox link. You can also bring them to your meeting.

    Cash Flow -Please list your current household monthly income sources.

    Are these values gross or net?

    Financial concerns, check all that apply.
    Losing too much in the stock marketPaying too much in taxesHaving a reliable income for retirementAdvice for 401k or IRA accountsOutliving incomeDeciding if I/we can afford to retireLeaving a legacy for the next generation

    Risk Tolerance

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