dollar signWhat are the risks that affect your future income?
Business-Will you have a job tomorrow or as long as you want to work? If you are self-employed, will there be a market for what you do or sell? Will technology make you/your product outmoded?
Longevity- What is your family history? Are you healthy? We are living longer. Will your money last as long as you do?
Inflation-What will the future bring? How will it affect your future buying power?
Market-If you invest in the market, will it go up or down? The market has had major corrections in the past. If your income is based on market investments, you may not have the income you envisioned.
Health-You may be healthy today, but what will tomorrow bring? As we live longer, we have more chances of contracting some disease. What will the medical costs be in the future?
Government Programs-Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, Welfare, LIS and more. Will some of these programs be eliminated or lessened?
Marital Status-Divorce? Death? How will that affect your future income?
All of these risks can affect your future income and your retirement plans. What have you done to ensure financial security so you don’t outlive your savings. Pensions, Social Security and annuities are the only incomes guaranteed for life. I can help you create an annuity to guarantee a secure income.

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