Retirement for One!

You only have your vision of retirement!

You only have one income! You decide what expenses are important and how you want to spend your income.

Your social security will be from your income. If you were never married, the decision is when to begin taking Social Security. If you were married, you may be better with survivor benefits or benefits from a former spouse. There are multiple strategies and we have classes to inform you how to use them.

Without a spouse/partner, you are more likely to need health care assistance in later years. I can create a pension that includes long term care like benefits. Assistance can be in the home or in a facility.

Create a strong social circle to keep active. Having a fulfilling life is especially critical for singles.

Name trusted individuals who can make medical and financial decisions for you if you are unable. This is essential!

Make sure your will is the way you want it and up to date. Even if you don’t have children, you want your money and your wishes to be properly distributed otherwise the state will make the decisions.

Not sure where you stand on retirement? I can help you. Call for a free consultation 303-919-1020.

Retirement for One!
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