New Year Financial Checklist

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(Getting your financial house in order.)
Most of us will never win the lottery, inherit a windfall from a distant relative or pick the next hot stock. That is all luck and will not secure our retirement or fund our children’s education. Putting your financial house in order is not just about adjusting your portfolio, it is getting your entire financial house in order.
As you gather your information for April 15 and receive financial statements, you are gathering information for your financial picture. The hard work is done!
It is never too early and never too late to take charge of your financial future.
Now is the time to start!

A financial strategy ensures you meet your goals by:

    protecting from undo risk
using tax deductions and credits
allocating your assets consistent with your goals, time and risk

1-Write down your goals.

be realistic
create short term and long term goals
identify barriers
what happened last year? learn from successes and failures
understand your tax situation

2-Gather & examine your data

list your expenses-regular and sporadic
list your income-regular and sporadic
checking/savings accounts
investment statements
tax return
insurances-house, car, life, health
employer retirement plans (401k, 403b, pension)
personal retirement plans (IRAs, ROTH, SEP)
gifts and charitable donations
life changes (marriage, divorce, birth, inheritance, job)
gather options for your financial future


review/create budget
compare current investment statements to last year/from creation
update will (power of attorney, beneficiaries, intentions)
create strategy for your goals consistent with time and risk

Overwhelming? You define your goals, gather your information, together we examine your data and I help you know your options and create a strategy to reach your goals. As you gather your information for April15, you are gathering your data and receiving statements. The hard work is done!

Take the mystery out of your financial future.
Let me help you reach your goals.
Set an appointment for a free consultation. 303-919-1020

New Year Financial Checklist
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