Medicare – Choosing Between Plan F & G

Medigap/Supplement Plan G is a high-benefit plan that is commonly overlooked for the more-popular Plan F. However, Plan G is very similar to Plan F and may be cheaper in some cases.

According to 2013 enrollment data, Plan F is almost 10 times as popular as Plan G even though the two provide nearly identical coverage. The only benefit Plan F includes that Plan G does not include is the $147 annual Medicare Part B deductible. This is being raised to $167 in 2016.

If you’re getting a quote for Plan F, it may be smart to also get a quote for Plan G. If the Plan F monthly premium is at least $13 higher than the Plan G monthly premium, you would be overpaying for the Part B deductible benefit, and Plan G may be the better deal.

Also realize that Medicare dictates what is covered under each plan. The only difference from one company to the next is the premium. And this is not an HMO. Any doctor that accepts Medicare accepts a supplement from any company.

Questions about Medicare? I can help you sort through the different plans.

Medicare – Choosing Between Plan F & G
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