For Retirement

IRA Contribution Limits

Did you know you can still contribute to your IRA/SEP for 2019 until July 15, 2020?  Due to Covid-19, the deadline has been extended to coincide with the tax deadline. It’s not too late to save money in your traditional or Roth IRA. This year’s contribution limits are $6,000 if you are under 50 or […]

401(k) Fees

Fees are automatically deducted from the plan.  They are hard to find and may go under different names.  Here a few so you may understand the costs associated with your plan. Administration fees cover the operations of a plan including accounting, lawyers, record keeping, trustee services, seminars, customer service, advisers.  This may be shown as […]

Old 401(k)s?

What is the best strategy for you? Leave it there-You may leave your account with the company after you leave.  You may be happy with the selection of funds available to you.  These funds are picked by professionals.  There may be lower fees associated.  If you leave your job 55 or older, you can withdraw […]

Retirement for One!

You only have your vision of retirement! You only have one income! You decide what expenses are important and how you want to spend your income. Your social security will be from your income. If you were never married, the decision is when to begin taking Social Security. If you were married, you may be […]

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