How 6 Types of Retirement Income are Taxed

How 6 Types of Retirement Income Are Taxed Consider the tax tab your income sources will generate in retirement. By Sandra Block, Updated January 2015, Kiplinger One of the biggest mistakes retirees make when calculating their living expenses is forgetting how big a bite state and federal taxes can take out of savings. And how […]

Planning for Retirement When You Are Single

From American Retirement Systems If you aren’t married, you should consider these potential expenses & needs. How does retirement planning differ for single people? At a glance, there would seem to be no difference in the retirement saving effort of an individual versus the retirement saving effort of a couple: start early, save consistently, and […]

Saving for Retirement: 4 risks to helping your adult child financially

This article is important regarding your saving for retirement. By Sonya Stinson • Highlights It’s about risk management: How much can you afford to do without? Mingling your finances with your child’s could impact your credit score. Be careful not to enable your child to take advantage of you. Just as flight attendants instruct […]

Retirement – Taxes can be venomous to wealth creation!

Retirement, taxes and wealth creation are hot topics over here at Smarter Women CO!!! Just a head’s up about the end of time and your tax responsibilies… December 2012 is an important month. December 21 is slated as the end of the world according to Mayan Calendars. Whether this is correct or not, December 31 […]

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