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Will I Have Enough Money To Live On?

Can I Maintain My Lifestyle? Not having a plan in place could leave you short of money to live on.   When I lost my job with Continental Airlines after 9/11, I did not know what to do.  I worked in international reservations from 1986.  In a fog, I did as I was told by family.  […]

Social Security Benefits-the latest

First of all, let me stress that no one who is currently collecting Social Security Benefits will be affected by the prospective changes to rules determining who can file and suspend Social Security benefits to allow a spouse, dependent or disabled child to collect auxiliary benefits while the wage earner’s retirement benefits continues to grow […]

Planning for Retirement When You Are Single

From American Retirement Systems If you aren’t married, you should consider these potential expenses & needs. How does retirement planning differ for single people? At a glance, there would seem to be no difference in the retirement saving effort of an individual versus the retirement saving effort of a couple: start early, save consistently, and […]

Bad news on cost of living raises for Social Security

     An article I read about future Social Security and Medicare (The writer is a Reuters columnist. The opinions expressed are his own.) By Mark Miller (Reuters) – Retirees are facing a double whammy next year: no inflation adjustment in their Social Security benefits and a whopping 52 percent jump in certain Medicare premiums. The […]

Retirement Checklist and Your Retirement Savings

Before you leave your job, here is a checklist of important must dos!  First of all, schedule and appointment with your HR department.  Have a list of questions and don’t leave without the answers.  This will impact the rest of your financial life!  Also, get help and answers from other experts. Have a pension or […]

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