Grow Your Money Tax Free

Any person can improve their earnings for retirement income by using an annuity, because it grows tax free.
You save the same amount as the next person, but your savings are not growing like your friends. She is retiring with a large guaranteed income. You feel like no matter what you try, it’s not getting the desired results.
When you retire, you need to replace income. Social Security, pensions, interest earnings are the basis of your future income. Will you be watching the shoreline disappear from your balcony on the cruise ship or be on the dock waving good bye? Will you have extra money to take the grandchildren on special adventures or ice creams? Will you have lunch with your friends at a special restaurant or meet for coffee?
Write down what income you will receive and how long you will receive it. Write down your expenses (don’t forget inflation!). The gap between your income and expenses is____________? This gap is costing you $X each month you do not solve the difference.
The easiest way to grow your money is tax free. What is the difference between being taxed on your money as it is growing or growing it tax free?
If you were to take $1 and double it 20 times, how much money would you have? A whopping $1,048,576!
Now double that $1 again 20 times, but tax it at 28%. Double , tax, double, tax… so you start with $1 and double it make $2. But wait! The second dollar is earnings and is taxed at 28% so you only add $.72 for a total of $1.72. Now double the $1.72 taking out tax on the earnings and your total is $2.96 and so on. Do this 20 times and your total is much different from the no-tax example. Your total is $51,353.
Which would rather have? $1,048,576 or $51,353?
The difference is where and how you grow your money. You don’t have to work harder to grow your money. Your money has to work harder for you! Transfer your money to a Roth IRA, municipal bond (under the right circumstances) or an annuity to grow your money tax free.
A Roth must grow for 5 years before it is tax free-do you have that long? Where are you growing that money? Is it safe?
A Municipal Bond grows at a low rate of interest and must be in your municipality to grow entirely tax free. (The 5 year average on a Franklin Colorado Tax-Free Income Fund is 1.8% as of 10/1/17).
Annuities are backed by insurance companies. The fixed indexed annuities I work with grow the cash value safely and provide income for life. The income grows at a compounded rate of 3%-6.5% until you start taking income. That dollar amount is then guaranteed for life! And some have long term care like benefits. Plus get a bonus of 6% – 10% for starting an annuity.
You can either do the same as you have always done or look at different options. If you want to change the direction of your earnings and future income, call for a no cost strategy session. I make the transfer easy for you. Evaluate what you have, what you need and explore your options.

Grow Your Money Tax Free
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