4 Tips for the Self-Employed

4 Tips for the Self-Employed
Being a small business owner or being self-employed is different than working for a corporation. It gives you freedom and control of your life. However, it does not offer steady income, paid vacations or health care packages. Your goals may be different and take a bit of planning on your part.
If you are self-employed, you may want to consider:
1-Separate the business from the personal. Set separate personal and business goals. Keep personal assets and company expenses separate. Consider paying yourself a set salary.
2-Be realistic/flexible. Planning an exit strategy and retirement income take deliberate planning. Regular saving is key to future income.
3-You don’t have to go it alone. You do everything for your business and you don’t have to create your future income by yourself. Your CPA is a huge resource and I can help you to create your own pension.
4-Balance. Your financial well- being goes hand in hand with your personal well-being. You would not work for a boss that never let you have a day off. Don’t suffer burn out at your own hands!
Being self-employed gives freedom and responsibility. The future income aspect does have to be a burden. I can help you create the future you desire!

4 Tips for the Self-Employed
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