What Are You Waiting…. Saving For?

Flip the Switch!

We have been taught to save, save, save for retirement.  Saving becomes a way of life.  We put off some of the little pleasures so we can sock away a few more dollars. Always looking to the future and what we might need.  When is enough, enough?  Is your money working hard for you while being safe?  I can help you with this.

My parents went through the Great Depression and lived a frugal life.  I was taught to save and I still keep some of those habits.  Their friends were from the same era, so it was a way of life common to everyone I knew.  Conspicuous consumption still bothers me.

So what happens when we are no longer working 9-5?  Time to flip the switch to income.  Whoa!  Income?  Yes, it is a time to stop accumulating more and start taking guaranteed income from what we saved.  Time to realize we have enough to live on and start enjoying the fruits of all those years of saving.  You have used good strategies, your money has been working hard for you and now it is time to reap the benefits.  

This takes a 180 mentally.  Stop accumulating more and start taking income.  You earned it.  We still may be frugal, but this is the time we worked for and planned for.  We know we have an emergency fund, have guaranteed income to pay our bills, and may have some left over for pleasure or riskier investments. Time to enjoy and pursue the next stage of our lives!

Not sure if you will have enough guaranteed income?  We can talk and have a “no cost strategy session.”

What Are You Waiting…. Saving For?
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