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What is the next step?

passportAre you thinking of retiring abroad? Become an ex-pat? What are the issues?
Is the cost of living in the US too much for your retirement income? Do you want a comfortable lifestyle at an affordable price? Always wanted to try a different culture?
Choosing to live in another country has many areas to think about. First of all, what country and why? Beach?  Inland?  Cost of living is most likely the first concern. How about the language? What is the health care like and what are the costs and quality? How easy is it to get back to the US if you need to? Should you rent or buy? Mountains or sea shore? Live in an ex-pat community or with the locals? What is the infrastructure of the community? What are retirement bikethe tax implications for the US and your adopted country? Where will you keep the bulk of your funds? Who will take care of US issues for you? Do you renounce your US citizenship or apply for dual citizenship or residency? Is this a permanent home or a few months out of the year?
We subscribe to a publication called “International Living.” It is full of ideas on where to find your new home and why. It is written by retirees who are living in the location and gives a fairly good idea of the local scene.
retirement globeLast month I wrote about starting your dream business. Is this a place where you can combine your dream business and dream location?
I have always thought I would live outside the US for the bulk of the year and try different cultures each year. Now my thoughts have changed and I want to be close to the children and grandchildren and they are all right here. As we travel the world, we are looking for a place better than our home in Colorado. So far we have found places where we would like to spend more time, but we are not ready to move.
What are your thoughts as retirement comes your way? Ready for a change or stay where you are? Retirement brings options and a chance to try something new. What will you choose?

Do you have 401(k) orphans?

401k  Have you switched jobs and not taken your 401(k) with you?
Leaving an employer is hard enough and you may have left your 401(k) at the old job. This is your nest egg and it may have been lost in the shuffle. Even small accounts can compound and make a big difference down the line. Especially if you have left accounts at several businesses.
Now is the time to take action. The easiest way to locate an orphaned account is to call the human resources department at your former employer. They can direct you to the plan provider. If the company has gone out of business, there is a National Registry of Unclaimed Retirement Benefits.
This may be the time to take control of your money and create an IRA. You may combine several of those small 401(k)s into one account and make it easier to track. We have products that start with $2,000 to $5,000 and up.
Example: I was helping a client go through paperwork from previous jobs. It showed that she had been contributing to her 401(k) at each job. Next she called each company and asked if the account was still open. She had moved all of her accounts but one! She found $20,000 that had not been moved and she didn’t remember having. Needless to say, she was very happy!
You may not be aware that you are contributing to your 401(k). Many companies make it an automatic deduction unless you request not to be in the fund. It will be on your pay stub and also on your W2 at the end of the year.
Whatever you do, do not cash it out! There could be penalties with the IRS and you could have income tax on the distributed amount. If you do have the funds sent directly to you, create a paper trail. You have 60 days to get the money into another 401(k) or IRA without penalty.

How To Get Started Marketing Your Business

By Tara Jacobsen, marketing guru and owner of Marketing Artfully
When you are all excited launching a new business, it is sometime hard to know how to get started with your marketing efforts. This is especially true if you have been in a job or the corporate world for a while. Over there it was common to have a “marketing department” or person responsible for getting new business. Now that you are in business for yourself, that is a hat that you will have to put on, AND which can be a fun hat to wear if you have a plan.

Three Different Marketing Plans For A New Business

Regardless of what you have heard, there is not one “right” way to market your business. There are actually thousands of ways that you can help to generate leads and make connections that will lead to closed sales. Here are three very different ways to look at marketing, depending on what your skill sets are!

The Social Butterfly

If you are a social creature who loves to get together with people and make new friends, marketing can seem more like a party and less like a grind. Here are three ways to use your social skills to get more leads:

1. Networking. Getting out there belly-to-belly and making new connections is the straightest line to making more money. If you are spending 4-5 hours a week attending different networking events, you can start to see how your product or service is being received in the marketplace and figuring out how to position it so that people are interested. Make sure you have a flyer or handout that you can give to people you meet, explaining your product or service, or even advertising a “new customer” sale.

2. Say yes to everything. When you are “out there” you will start to get invited to things. Say yes to every invitation knowing that as an “invited guest” you will be warmly welcomed. You will meet new people who you would never have access to without being in these situations.

3. Make a point of following up! Don’t just collect business cards or name and call it a day. Write down something about each person that you meet and ask them specifically how they like to be contacted. Some might like to meet face-to-face, some may be on social media or some may like to text. Make sure to contact them and thank them for connecting and see if there is anything that you can help them with.

The Technology Whiz

Saying that you are a tech whiz doesn’t mean that you know how to do everything online today, it just means that you are willing to learn new things and open to figuring out how to use technology for your marketing.

1. Have a newsletter. Start a newsletter using a service like or that keeps you and your brand top of mind.’s Pat Frederiksen does this beautifully with her “free events in Denver” newsletter. Providing great value allows her to communicate with her readers on a monthly basis and she can include advertisements for her financial services in each message.

2. Social media. It can be scary and intimidating to jump into the Facebook or Twitter pool. What if no one reads what you wrote or what if everyone hates your posting marketing messages? Social media marketing (or social networking as we like to call it) is just like real networking. You would not walk up to a new person in real life and start jabbering about your really great product so don’t do that on Social Media. Instead look at the social sites as a way to start connecting with new prospects and building relationships that could lead to increased sales.

3. Video. There is nothing more impactful than to have a video that helps people available for people to watch. Doing “how to’s” and introductions to your product or service can be one of the most cost effective ways of marketing your business. Simply use your cell phone to make 1-2 minute videos of yourself talking about something related to your industry and share them on YouTube. You can also post them on Facebook, Twitter and all the other social sites, increasing your reach and connecting with new customers and prospects.

The Event Planner

If you love holding or attending events like teaching seminars, networking or other places where people get together, you are in luck! Having these types of events is a sure way to attract people who are interested in your product or service.

1. Teaching seminar. Getting people in a room and showing them something helpful related to your industry is a great way to grow your following and pipeline of prospects. Being an “expert” in your field and sharing that knowledge can help immediately overcome any objections they might have to purchasing your products or services.

2. Speaking locally. There are many opportunities to get out “in the field” and give presentations. Most Chambers, Business Clubs and Networking events need a steady stream of speakers to talk in front of the group. The key to success here is to remember that they are not there to be sold but to learn something interesting that will help them in their business or life.

3. Hold your own networking events. This one is a little tricky and can cause you to take your eye off of the selling prize, but done correctly is a powerful tool for growing your influence and meeting new people. It is easy to find free venues to hold your events, send out invitations to your email list, post them on Facebook and talk about it when you are networking at other places (people who like to network will love your event too!) Make sure to keep a list of the people who attended and invite them back for each event.

Hopefully these suggestions have given you at least a spark of an idea about how to get started marketing your business. None are set in stone and you can mix and match them to fit your personality and talents.

Author Bio

Tara Jacobsen is a sales and marketing speaker, author and consultant that you will not forget. She brings with her a true, hands on marketing, goal setting and time management focus, and yet energizes her audience with full on content and interactive participation. Find out more about her products and services at

The Age of Possibilities

What is in the next phase of your life?
Whether you retired early, were laid off, or offered a retirement package you couldn’t refuse, you now have options and decisions to make.
We are living longer and what we do with that time is up to us. Over the past 100 years, we have added 30 years to the length of our lives. 70 is the new 50. We have better health through better nutrition, exercise and replacement parts. We can lead active lives. It is not uncommon to live to one hundred or more.
So, what will get you out of bed each day? Will you choose time with the grandchildren, travel, hobbies, volunteering, or launching your dream business?
For many of us, we have worked in corporate America, have learned many skills and now want to have our dream opportunity. We aren’t ready to sit in the rocking chair and knit or whittle! (Does anyone whittle anymore?) We may be a little bit slower than we were 20 years ago, but we have ideas to try and a lot of knowledge and experience to make it happen. When I retired from the airlines after 15 years, I went into the mortgage industry. I love real estate and loved flipping houses. Love to work with numbers and finding the perfect solution to a puzzle (what mortgage is right for the client). While working in the mortgage business, a friend introduced me to financial services. Financial services cover a broad area and are not far from mortgages. Soon I discovered my niche of working with women to educate and help create their financial security. I have found my passion. It allows me to help women (the customer service I have always used with the airline, the mortgage industry and now financial ) and travel. Right now as I write this, I am on a flight to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. It is a balancing act at all times!
Where will your journey take you? Corporate America is about trading hours for dollars. You put in the time and get a paycheck and benefits. Working for yourself is totally different. Activity does not necessarily create productivity. You need to make it happen. You are responsible for everything! I love the freedom of working for myself, but it also has what I discovered early on: I don’t know everything!
I know how to create an income you can’t outlive, but I didn’t know how to get the message out to potential clients. Along the way I had the good fortune to meet some extraordinary people who have helped me launch and maintain my business. Please read the blog by Tara Jacobsen and then set up a consultation. She is an incredible women who wants to help you make your business a success. She truly has the integrity and passion to help you with your business. Tara is no nonsense and will cut to the best plan unique to you and your business. Please read her blog to help you launch your dream!

September 2014 Calendar of Free Events

8/30 – 9/1 A Taste of Colorado
Civic Center Park

8/30 – 9/1 10am – 4pm Gathering at the Great Divide Art Festival
N. Main St. at Wellington. Breckenridge

8/30 – 9/1 38th Annual Colorado Balloon Classic and Air Show
Memorial Park, Colorado Springs off Pikes Peak Ave. between Hancock Ave and Union Blvd.

9/1 Labor Day

9/2 4 – 8pm Children’s Museum

9/4  Four Mile Historic Park
715 S. Forest Street, Denver 80246
Travel back to 1859…for free! Enjoy a tour of the Four Mile House Museum – a Denver Landmark, panning for gold, and meeting our many farm-animals! On the first Friday of each month, Four Mile Historic Park is offering free general admission, courtesy of the support provided by your Scientific & Cultural Facilities District.

9/5 First Friday Art Walks
Art District on Santa Fe – Artify Your Brain. See, taste and feel the energy that is Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe
Belmar Block 7 Art District – Block 7 will feature four artist–owned working studios, a photographic school and a gallery showcasing a wide range of artwork by local artists. (Located in the Belmar City Center in Lakewood.)
Golden Triangle Museum District – Meet the artists, see new exhibitions, shop for local art and get inspired at the galleries open on First Friday. The neighborhood is also home to the Denver Art Museum, Clyfford Still Museum, Kirkland Museum, Denver Firefighters Museum and the Byers–Evans House Museum with Plein Air art on display.
Navajo Street Art District – Stroll the district tucked away in the Lower Highlands area of Denver, home to amazing galleries, great performance art and ample parking. Join us for Day of the Dead celebrations. It’s truly one of the best little Art Districts in town to experience art!
Old South Gaylord & South Pearl – Take time to visit these two neighborhoods south of downtown Denver; both are home to many artist’s studios and galleries, along with one–of–a–kind shops and restaurants.
RiNo (River North Art District) – Tour the district “Where art is made!” RiNo is home to creative businesses and more than 60 galleries and studios and 150 artists including painters, media artists, sculptors, photographers, illustrators, designers and furniture makers.
Come Celebrate at our Centennial Kick-off Events!
9/3 1 – 3pm – Kick-off Ceremony
Hidden Valley, Rocky Mountain National Park
Join us in the park as we kick off our Centennial Celebration with special speakers and family activities! Buses will run from the Fairgrounds Park-n-Ride (1170 Manford Ave.) to Hidden Valley from noon until 5pm. Special presentations will begin at 2 pm. Please plan to catch the bus as close to noon as possible to ensure timely arrival at the event. All attendees must ride the shuttle to attend this free event.

9/4   1 – 3pm Kick-off Ice Cream Social
Holzwarth Historic Site, Rocky Mountain National Park
Come celebrate the kick-off of the park Centennial with ice cream and trip back in time at the Holzwarth Historic Site! Special speakers, family activities and free ice-cream while it lasts will be provided. Buses will run from the Grand Lake Town Hall parking lot and Kawuneeche Visitor Center to the Holzwarth Historic Site from noon until 5pm. Special presentations will begin at 2pm. Please plan to catch the bus as close to noon as possible to ensure timely arrival at the event. All attendees must ride the shuttle to attend this free event.

9/5-7   Arvada Harvest Festival
Grandview and Upham, Arvada
Marching bands, parade, food fair, kid’s zone, bingo, Arvada Flour Mill tours, and more.

9/6 Colorado ArtFest at Castle Rock
Colorado ArtFest at Castle Rock
The weekend after Labor Day, the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce hosts a juried fine arts show with artists from across the country. Delight in the artistic impressions of more than 176 artists from across the country. Continual live main stage entertainment, featuring popular musicians, will provide a complimentary backdrop to this year’s program. We will also feature strolling entertainers, the Artfest Store; a silent auction; food and beverage vendors sure to tantalize your taste buds and an Imagination Zone for children. There is something for everyone at the Colorado Artfest at Castle Rock.

9/6 Denver Art Museum
100 W 14th Ave Pkwy, Denver 80204

9/6 10am – 1pm Pooch Plunge
Butterfield Crossing Pool, 3952 W. Butterfield, Castle Rock 80109
The dog days of summer are nearing an end — what better way to celebrate than one last splash at Butterfield Crossing Pool with your favorite canine? Come join us for a splashing great time! Admission will be free with donations to benefit the Denver Dumb Friends League Buddy Center.

9/6 3 – 10pm 2nd Annual Alfred Packer Bacon Party
Reinke Brothers Parking Lot, Littleton
A happy and fun time in Downtown Littleton as the Rotary Club of Littleton hosts it’s second Alfred Packer Bacon Party. This fundraising event will feature numerous food vendors and plenty of samples of artisan bacon from some of the top producers in the country.

9/6 6 – 10pm Starlight Summer Movie #4 – The Lego Movie
Festival Park, 300 Second St., Castle Rock 80104
The Starlight Summer movies have become the cornerstone of the Downtown Event Series. Fun-for-all-ages movies are shown on a giant, outdoor inflatable screen. The final movie this summer is “The Lego Movie.” Emmet is an ordinary, rules-following, perfectly average LEGO minifigure who is mistakenly identified as the most extraordinary person and the key to saving the world. This movie is rated PG. The entertainment before each movie includes live music, kids’ activities, as well as food and beverages from various vendors. Bring NEW Lego sets do donate at the Douglas Elbert Task Force booth. Kids – dress up for the Lego character parade before the movie.

9/6-8 What IF?… Festival
Downtown Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak Center, Plaza of the Rockies
What If…?! Festival of Innovation and Imagination is returning to downtown Colorado Springs. The What If…?! Festival will highlight and celebrate the Pikes Peak region’s tech-enthusiasts, art-makers, garage inventors, do-it-yourselfers, performers, musicians, scientists, mathematicians, culinary magicians, robot builders, urban farmers, student creators, innovators, engineers, and all other thinkers and tinkerers.

9/10 6pm Women and Money…a beginner’s class
Golden Community Center, 1470 10th St. Golden

9/10, 9/13, 9/17, 9/19, 9/27 MOA – Museum of Outdoor Arts
1000 Englewood Parkway Suite 2-230 Englewood, CO 80110
MOA offers indoor galleries, studios and special events and programs.

9/11 Patriot Day

9/12 7 – 8:30pm Pearl Street Stampede
Front of the Boulder County Courthouse, 14th and Pearl
It’s an old-fashioned parade and pep rally. Join the Golden Buffalo Marching Band, the CU Football Team and the cheerleaders before every home game (except for Thanksgiving Weekend) and meet your favorite CU Buffs. The fun starts in front of the Boulder County Courthouse (14th and Pearl). The stampede is led by an antique CU fire truck and ends with a pep rally in the Daily Camera parking lot (11th and Pearl) in historic downtown Boulder. These events are free and fun for the whole family. 2014 Dates: Thursday, August 28 Friday, September 12 Friday, September 19 Friday, October 3 Friday, October 24 Friday, October 31

9/12-14 Summerset Festival
Clement Park (near Wadsworth & Bowles), Littleton
Festival was founded over 29 years ago as a way to gather the community together to say good-bye to summer. Free concerts, Hot Air Balloon glow, fireworks, Auto show (Saturday only), fishing derby, and doggy games.
This family focused event will showcase several live bands including Denver’s famous The Nacho Men, Dixie Leadfoot & The Chrome Struts, and more, plus vendors, and amusements for children. The proceeds of this event will benefit Littleton Rotary Foundation and it’s numerous local service projects throught the greater Littleton community.
Be sure to set aside the date and plan on attending this super event in beautiful Downtown Littleton.

9/13 11am – 3pm HayDay
Aspen Ridge Church, 27154 N. Turkey Creek Rd. Evergreen 80439 (by the roundabout at Hwy. 73)
Great family fun in a gorgeous setting. Stop by the booth for $marter Women Colorado.

9/15 6pm $marter Women Colorado…Social Security
Mountain Peace Bourtique, 60615 Hwy. 285, Bailey (by Knotty Pine)
There is more to optimizing your SS benefit than if at 62 or age 70. File and Suspend? Have a spouse or ex-spouse? Are you widowed? Married after the age of 60? What is best for you?
RSVP to Pat 303-919-1020 or,

9/17 6pm $marter Women Colorado…what they didn’t teach us
Aspen Park Chiropractic, 10903 Hwy. 285 Ste. E203, Conifer (Old Safeway Plaza or Staples Plaza)
Two People can save the same amount of money, grow it in different ways and have drastic differences in the final amount for retirement. Learn the basics that can optimize your earnings and your future income. Taught by Pat Frederiksen, Medicare and Retirement Income Specialist
RSVP to Pat 303-919-1020 or,

9/18 6pm Social Security Untangled
FUEL Financial, 550 S. Wadsworth, Lakewood 80226 (1st Bank Building in Belmar)
There is more to optimizing your SS benefit than if at 62 or age 70. File and Suspend? Have a spouse or ex-spouse? Are you widowed? Married after the age of 60? What is best for you?
RSVP to Pat 303-919-1020 or,

9/19-21 Downtown Fall Fest
Pearl Street Mall, boulder
Downtown Boulder’s 3-day autumn festival features local food and microbrews, music, children’s entertainment and a children’s carnival and more than 30 artisan booths all along the historic Pearl Street Mall.

9/19 6 – 9pm Art Night In
ARTiculars, 401 S. Public Road, Lafayette
Please join us to explore the world of art in a series of fun-filled, hands-on workshop and demos during our openings on the third Friday of each month.

9/20 4 – 8pm Art Walk Longmont
See Artist and Venue list for locations:


9/20 – 10am – 6pm Halloween Pumpkin Patch Fall Festival
Corner of 75th St. and Arapahoe Rd., Boulder
Pumpkins, animals and mazes. – Corn Maze – Straw Bale Maze – Pumpkin Patch – Animals We have pens along both sides of the farm, with animals galore – donkey, miniature horse, chickens, goats, sheep, cows, bunnies, and kittens. – The Steam Engine The steam engine is a look at farming methods and machinery from the early 1900’s. We steam it up every weekend in October.

9/20-21 Sugar Beet Days
Logan County Court House, Sterling
Craft Fair plus live entertainment both days.

9/20-21 Oktoberfest
Corner of Parker Road and Mainstreet, Historical Downtown ParkerThe festival will honor German heritage and traditions by presenting live authentic German music, Bavarian dancers, a biergarten, food, vendors, and children’s activities. There will be plenty of fun and activities that the whole family will enjoy. Come join us in celebrating German tradition and add a little umpah pah to your day.

9-20-21 Open Door Studios Tour
This year we have 36 artists participating, showing a variety of mediums and genres. Visit the artists in their studios. We’ll be doing live demonstrations during the studio tour so you’ll be able to see our process and our tools and we’re always happy to answer questions. We’ll also have a variety of our work available for sale. Pick up a map and brochure at Evergreen Merchants.

9/21 10am – 3pm 3rd Annual Scavenger Hunt
Prizes range from a $500 grand prize, $300 2nd prize, and $150 3rd prize.
Merchants will also be donating door prizes valued at a minimum of $25.
“Treasure the Present and Hunt for the Past” is the theme as HLI has purposely included the area’s hip and savvy boutiques – many which reside in buildings with historic designations.Kick-off is at 10:00 AM in Bega Park at the east end of Main Street where participants pick up a free ballot. At 3:00 PM, “scavengers” may assemble at Bega Park for prize drawings with live music and refreshments. Participants must be present to win.

9/23 6pm $marter Women Colorado…Social Security
Aspen Park Chiropractic, 10903 Hwy. 285, Ste. E203, Conifer (Old Safeway Plaza or Staples Plaza)
There is more to optimizing your SS benefit than if at 62 or age 70. File and Suspend? Have a spouse or ex-spouse? Are you widowed? Married after the age of 60? What is best for you?
RSVP to Pat 303-919-1020 or,

9/26 5 – 8pm Last Friday Gallery Walk
Downtown Evergreen
Each Last Friday of the month the galleries in Downtown Evergreen remain open during evening hours. Enjoy refreshments while viewing the rich variety of oil, watercolor and pastel paintings; photography; ceramics; blown, fused and cast glass; metal sculpture; textiles and hand crafted jewelry. You will have an opportunity to meet the local artists who are showing their work and offering demonstrations at many of the galleries. Enjoy dinner at one of the unique Downtown Evergreen restaurants and make your evening complete.

9/27 Visit a National Park
America’s Best Idea – the national parks – is even better when it’s free!

9/27 10am – 4pm Outdoor Quilt Festival
Homestead Museum, 4208 s. Timbervale Dr., Evergreen 80439
Hiwan Homestead Museum, 4208 S. Timbervale Drive, Evergreen 80439
More than 100 beautiful quilts and coverlets, both old and new, will be on display in and around the museum.

9/27-28 10am-5pm 1830s Rendezvous & Spanish Colonial Market
The Fort, 19192 Highway 8, Morrison 80465
13th Annual 1830s Rendezvous & Spanish Colonial Art Market – Join The Tesoro Cultural Center at the Thirteenth Annual 1830s Rendezvous & Spanish Colonial Art Market on September 27 & 28, 2014, where award winning Spanish Colonial Artists come together with a rendezvous and celebrate the west in the 1830s. Southwest’s most celebrated Spanish colonial artists demonstrate and sell their jewelry, retablos, bultos, etc. Historical Interpreters enact the colorful Mountain Men and Women trappers and traders from the Bent’s Fort era sell their wares, from buckskin period dress and trade silver to flintlock guns, and beaver skin hats. Adults and children interact with 1830s era interpreters and participate in educational activities.

9/28 Denver Museum of Nature and Science
2001 Colorado Blvd, Denver 80205
Natural history exhibitions, IMAX and planetarium shows, activities, and lectures that explore the wonders of science, Colorado, Earth, and the universe.

10/1 6 – 7:30pm Women and Money….a beginner’s class
FUEL Financial, 550 S. Wadsworth, Lakewood 80226 (1st Bank Building in Belmar)
We have different learning styles and priorities when it comes to planning our finances. Learn how to grow and protect your money, taxes and inflation, setting goals, budget in a stress free and fun class.
Limited to first 20 people RSVP to Pat 303-919-1020 or

Love Music? Check out these web sites for DU and UCD. There are concerts and recitals by students and faculty for free or very low cost. Guest artists that come for the Colorado Symphony also do mini concerts for the students/public. It is a wealth of excellent music! UCD also offers theater from their drama majors. ♪;calID=272

Not free but…SCFD 10 for $10
Low cost ticket program supported by the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District.
The Denver Center for the Performing Arts provides $10 tickets throughout the year. Supported by the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District, we invite people who have not experienced the joy of live theatre to attend. Each Tuesday at 10am, we will release “10 for $10″ – a limited number of $10 tickets for every Denver Center Theatre Company performance in the coming week (up to 25 shows per week). Occasionally, tickets to select Denver Center Attractions shows may be available.
How to buy – each Tuesday at 10am: Call 303.893.4100 or Visit our Box Office at Speer & Arapahoe in the lobby of the Helen Bonfils Theatre Complex